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I write because..

I believe,everyone has a reason to do everything. Everyone as a medium to vent their inner self. Some people dance their heart out. No matter how good or bad they are at dancing,at that time that gives them happiness. Some sing. They may relate to the lyrics of the song that they sing. Sometimes just the music appeals.Same with listening to the music. Some play a sport they like. Some travel to their favorite places. Some enjoy their favorite foods. Desserts are at the top of the list at the times you are stressed. Some just hang out with the people they are comfortable with. Many like me like to go on long drives or walks. Alone. To think, to find your lost self. Some choose crying or laughing as a medium of venting. Others,again like me WRITE. 

I write because I love sharing my thoughts. I write because there are some things that are not so important to me,not so important to the world.But still,they are worth telling. I sometimes write to vent my frustration. Sometimes to just keep a log of the things happening in my life. “Today,I fought with him.” “Today,I realized my mistake and I apologized.””Today,Mom made awesome food.Yesterday,was not so good.” “I had a bad day at college.” “Everything was blur around,when I met him after fifteen days.” “He had a new haircut,suits him more then the last one he had.” “He had eyes just for me.When there were many hot girls around.” “Dad looked tired today.I wonder whats the matter! ” “I hate it when my friends are fighting to each other.”And much more stuff like this. It may seem silly to some people,but,if I think what they think.Then what will they think?

I write because,I feel the effect of a PEN is greater than just WORDS.

Words when heard are easily forgotten.Ignored. Words when read have an impact on the minds.They stay somewhere in the subconscious and can be remembered later when there’s a need for it. The written words are taken more seriously,right?  Writing feels like a inner necessity to me. It’s a better experience for me.Translating what my mind speaks to what my fingers write. It’s my medium of expression. I can say I am someone who does not believe in hiding. Whatever I feel,good or bad,I say it.Or at times I write it.

I dance.It comes naturally to me.I hear some music,my feet starts moving,my head starts nodding,there’s a different sparkle in my eyes because I love dancing.I learn dancing. It’s the same with writing. If I observe something,some thought crosses my mind.I have the urge to expand it.To analyze it.To describe it.Writing comes emotionally to me.

My mom says,I am like my granny. She used to write a lot. She had smallest of the things written in her diary.Everything about her travels,her experiences,her teaching job at the school.Everything.

She had a great vocabulary.She was fond of writing.She raised me.I spent 19 of 21 years of my life with her. And one day she just had to leave all of us and go. I started writing more after she was gone.May be she passed on her love and passion of writing to me.May be she wanted me to carry on the “tradition” of writing everything. May be it was just a way of her telling me;’All my words are read by her.Even if she isn’t here.’

I do not want everyone to read what I write.I want them to feel,what they read. To relate,to think,to scratch their heads sometimes,to laugh realizing something similar happened with them too!I do not want to change the world with what I write. There’s nothing wrong in it of course. But I am not yet on that level to influence the world. But yes,I would someday write something to change the world.

As Michael Faudet says,

Write because you exist.

I write because I exist.

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The Train Escapades#2

Women on the train!

While traveling when you don’t have a book to read, low battery in your phone, no internet, no music and when you just sit and observe the people around you,it’s kind of amazing!Have you ever tried that?  Just observation. Observing different people around you while you are traveling can really be fun sometimes. And observation of women specifically is more fun. There are so many vivid personalities that you can come across.

Like today,  I was traveling back home after finishing my college. I was alone,was done with reading my current book and was bored to listen the same music over and over again on my phone. I saw, around me, every person was doing some or the other activity. A woman besides me was listening to some music so loud that I could hear the lyrics clearly.  “Zindagi ek safar hai suhana,yaha kal kya ho kisne jana” meaning “Life is a beautiful journey. You never know what awaits  for you in the future.” Two girls, must be around 17 or 18 years of age were chatting on their smart phones.  Talking to each other in between and sharing the happenings in their life.  Another lady was  with her small baby girl. Trying to adjust on a ‘fourth seat’. The baby girl was fast asleep in her mother’s arms. Another group of middle aged women and young girls played some group game on someone’s phone.  Ludo it seemed to me. It was fun to see how the women giggled and teased when they won the game, or sent someone else’s token back home. It felt like they were reliving their childhood days again.At that instant,their concentration was on only the dice and it’s numbers. My mother was one of the players playing the game. And I would give anything one asks for to watch her giggle like that.

Some others were just asleep.Tired from a hectic day at work and college. Necks back, mouths open, eyes closed.  The standard position for every human to sleep on board. Some were lost, deep in thoughts. Women thinking about what to cook for dinner most probably #Indianwomen, girls thinking about homework or boyfriend may be.  (Two totally different roads,  I know)  Still you never know what one thinks.

Penny for everyone’s thoughts.

There are thousands of different things you could possibly observe. And hundreds of personalities you may come across. For every working woman here in India,the train journey is the only time where she could relax. Get some time to talk, unclench, vent, think,observe,watch movies,listen to the music of her choice. Every possible thing she could do on board she will. It’s a two shift job for every girl, woman.One shift at the office, second shift at home.  There’s no end to her work.  Then why not enjoy the train journey. The only time she has to herself where she doesn’t have to work or study.Some even worked on their laptops. You could see those ladies are either workaholics or with tight dead lines.

Women selling vegetables and fish are all together a different observation. #haha You can never understand what they talk among st themselves. Some top secret code language it seems. One second they fight with each other and the other minute they are exchanging their trade experiences. Unbelievable!

Local trains in Mumbai are the heart of the city.  The Mumbai women the heartbeat.

P.s. Who’s going to argue to each other,fight over the seats if not women. Every Mumbaikar women’s day is incomplete, either without arguing or witnessing an argument.

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The many names

In the good old days,people got their clothes stitched from a person who was master in the art of sewing. Every piece of cloth was considered to be his handiwork. Full filling every wish, every demand of the person who will be sporting the fabric in his creation was important.And it took efforts,precision,dedication and most importantly the art of ‘creating a new creation out of every fabric.’ Tailor!That’s what he was known as.His name and his profession being the same. He customizes,he alters, he stitches, he hems, he embroiders, he knits. From stitching the school uniforms to hemming a duppatta. From sewing a salwar kameez to customizing a wedding lehenga. From altering an over sized dress to stitching a maxi dress. From embroidering to knitting. He does it all. He is the talent that is mostly neglected and instead screamed upon for various and sometimes silly reasons.

As we say time changes. And today,in this new,advanced and modernized world we like to address him as a  fashion designer, dress maker,garment-maker,couturier,clothier and many more.

Many names for a single professional. Tailor!

Surprising that never have anyone quoted the talent of a tailor.

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My bumbling Friends

It happened today in the college that the class witnessed its full strength for the first time since the college reopened.Everyone was happy to see each other and exchanged greetings and whereabouts. It was like forty bumble bees in a small room.

It got crazy when in a Business Communication lecture,where every student was asked to speak on a topic of their own choice for a minute. As it was on such a short notice everyone was baffled and a bit nervous. One by one as people started to come in front on the stage, it was quite a funny sight ,as they bumbled about their topics.Topics ranged from their current favorite T.V series, current read, most memorable or embarrassing situations,dreams and goals and much more. Even I did a little bumbling in front of the whole class. The bumble bee as I am! But it was a nice experience on public speaking. The main aim was to change the bumble to a humble but strong interaction with the audience.




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The train escapade #1

Rain in the Train!?

Well, it is the first week since my college has re-opened. And the first two days were as gloomy and boring as possible. Getting back to reality after a lazy holiday can be quite a job.  

Today,I set off in the morning with a dark sky and some drizzling rain. As soon as I reached the railway station it started pouring like crazy. I was glad I did not get wet in that pouring rain and most importantly I did not have to open my umbrella while reaching the station. Travelling with a wet umbrella, is a big NO NO for me.  I hate to travel with wet, damp things. Good for me that I reached before it started raining.

May be due to being the mid week,the train was considerably empty. Lot of seats vacant. It was raining less by the time I boarded the train. I sat on the third seat from the window.Of course the window was shut due to the rains. 

The first few minutes were okay and then we (me and the people around me)realized that,it was dripping from the roof. At first,  it was just a drop or two, later as the downpour of the rain started again,it started drizzling inside the train.Holy lord, unbelievable! We were actually getting wet due to the rain inside the train. Weren’t we supposed to be dry and comfortable instead of damp and drizzled over and saturated due to the rain? And above that, we all were actually enjoying it.  As bizarre as it may seem,but we actually were. The sleepy morning faces were now lit, laughing and giggling and enjoying that weird situation.  Of course after sometime the happy faces turned irritated, criticizing the Railway ministry and the maintenance departments; for the lack of maintenance and ignorance.  But by the time they got to that, it was time for me to get down. 

It was a pleasant experience though. Something that was totally unexpected and sort of fun. Adventures of travelling in the local trains I guess.

Expect the unexpected and accept the unexpected.


(Feature image)


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DIY Desk Organizer

Heya people.

We all have a study table or a simple desk for keeping our college,school or work stuff. Or any random stuff for the matter of fact. So do I. And it’s always unorganized. I was searching for a simple DIY for a desk organizer, I searched online,watched videos about it and stuff. But whatever I saw was either to complex and difficult or required some material to be bought from the stores. Which I resisted, because I wanted a simple desk organizer. Nothing too fancy, that could just hold my books in place and make the table look organised. So here we go.

You just need :

  • A marker pen or a pencil.
  • Some scales
  • A paper cutter
  • Some clips.
  • Glue
  • Cello tape (Optional)


Step 01: Use any discarded cardboard box which has already served its purpose and is no longer useful.


Step 02: Cut the flaps on the upper side of the box if any.

Mark the shape of the desk organizer as per your choice with a pencil or a marker pen. And cut the box according to its outline. Here I have cut the box in shape of a step of a staircase. I though it looked cute and also would support the books properly. You should decide the dimensions according to the box size and your requirements.  

(I am making this to store my books, hence the shape for stability and support. You could use the shape as per your requirement.)

Step shape cut

Step 03: Cover the box with a pretty gift wrap paper or any other material according to your liking. I had gift wraps at home so I used those.




My desk’s never been cleaner and presentable as it is now.

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Out of Focus

Heya people!

Today I want to start this blog by sharing a story. A short story about a city girl with big dreams.

It was the middle of the year 2k16 when it all began. New college, new people. New routines,new adjustments. Everything was new. Except for the city girl herself. She was the same. Lively,vibrant,a lot moody,all smiles,with less gravitational force, falling on the flat surfaces,slipping on the steps,having a different folksy take towards life. Until, finally she started ‘living’ her new routine.

It was a new atmosphere in the new college. New people came into her life and the old friends were left behind;the old ambience was left behind. She had left her nest, where she once slayed with her close friends. Now, it was the time to fly out of the roost and reach the perpetual nest of intrigue.(As I call it now)

She had a hard time making friends. Adjusting into the new life with a new group of “so called” mates at the time. Her acumen was different compared to the people around her. The wavelengths never matched. (Excuse me for the ‘wavelength’ #extcengineer) She started hating everything around her; Teachers,food,the travel time she had to spend,the curriculum she had to study. The oomph in her was gone. She missed her old friends and her old college. She was miserable and she did not talk about this to anyone. She realized she was making a mess out of her life.  Until one day she read some scribbled words on her old journal. It said ,“What has to be done,it has to be done. Then why not do it happily!” And that was a life saver. She did not have other option so she decided to focus on the positives and eliminate the negatives.

In many aspects of our life we do the opposite. We focus on what’s not in our favor and brag about it. But we forget that “the coin has two sides to it”.

As the Indian author Amish Tripathi say in his book ‘Scion of Ikshvaku’,

There is something positive hidden in every negative, and something negative hidden in every positive. Life is complicated and a balanced person can see both the sides.” 

So, its up to us whether we want to turn the negatives into our favor or just sulk with them. If you want to achieve your big dreams, don’t let the small negative things affect you. They won’t be considered or even remembered in the future. The positives will be, because they would be the reason behind your achievements.

Focusing on the negatives, does not take away the beauty of the positives. It takes away our ability to look at things with bitterness. 

The feature picture of this post helped me understand it. The actual flower is out of focus but still it has the same beauty to it as it would have if would have been clicked properly.

It’s all in the mind.

You could be the moon in the dark sky. Or choose to be the dark sky. Either way you will shine. Just the moon will shine brighter than the sky that shines because of the moon light. Make the right pick.

Don’t worry if you are not perfect. You will get to it.


P.s. The city girl in the story is ME. I still miss my old friends in my new college as I know nobody understands me better then they do. But, I am coping with it. Turning the odds into my favor, adjusting,giving people chance to connect with me and myself to connect with them. Who knows may be the wavelengths would match. That’s what called LIFE I guess.