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Listing today..

Life is the greatest teacher of all times.It indirectly or directly teaches you something or the other everyday.Whether you intend to learn or not.You would still be taught.

Things that I have learned in my life so far are,

  • Learning never stops: No matter how big,experienced and polished you are;you will always have something or the other to study each day. Everything that happens,happens for a reason. And the reason is learning.You are always a student and there’s always scope for more knowledge.
  • Nobody is perfect: I am not perfect.And I say it with pride. If someone is perfect,there’s no charm left in life. Imperfections are beautiful.They make you who you are.To overcome imperfection is a journey. And everyone loves travelling.
  • Nothing is permanent:Everything that comes in your life has a purpose. Once the purpose is served,it will leave.It may be a person,a place,or a thing.The sole purpose is to teach and leave.
  • Time passes: Good or bad time will always pass. Everyone faces good and bad times equally. So don’t dwell on to the the good for long and don’t cry on to the bad for long. Eventually it will pass.Bringing something new for you to experience.
  • Don’t be afraid of the change:Change is basic rule of existence. If you don’t adapt to the changes around you,you will be left behind.The world progresses due to constant changes.
  • Be an open book: What you are on the inside,show it on the outside. Why to bitch behind someone you don’t like while you smile around in front?Be honest.It may leave you alone initially,eventually,people would realize your personality.
  • You are not alone:Whenever you feel depressed,lost,useless,remember you are not alone. Close your eyes,deep breathe and think about something you believe in.It may be a book,a person,some super natural power,anything. And feel that you are not alone. Someone is always there to protect you.
  • You are not alone:When you feel that you are not provided with the comforts that you deserve.Walk on to the empty street and look at the girl selling flowers on the traffic signal. Does she deserve that?Or does she deserve to have a better life?A life like you? You are not alone denied of something.There are plenty out there who don’t even have the liberty to demand anything.
  • Be grateful: Whatever you have you are supposed to have.Whatever you don’t have,you are supposed to get it later.Or not get it at all.Be grateful for whatever you have.
  • Adapt/Adjust: Not everything is supposed to be in your favor.Sometimes you have to adjust,some times turn the odds in your favor.
  • Do not sulk:People around you are as human as you are.They can also make mistakes.Do not sulk when there’s a mistake in relation with you. Forgive and forget. Later,the time may be gone.
  • Be positive: Negativity is harmful for you and people around you. Do not think or wish negative about someone.
  • Life happens:Whatever happens,happens for a reason.
  • Live,love,laugh:Live you life as per you want.You have got only one. Love.Fall in love.There may be some heartbreaks. Doesn’t mean there’s no love around.Look properly.Laugh.It will cheer you up and the people who love you.
  • Let go:Holding on to something or someone may hurt sometimes.


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First blog post

Hello,my fellow travelers on a journey called LIFE.

This is my very first blog post on wordpress and I am nothing less then excited to be sharing my life with you all. Starting with the basics, I am 20 something ,engineering student and my name is Maithilly.  I am really fond of dancing, reading and ofcourse writing. Though I consider myself an immature writer.

The idea of blogging was on my bucket list for a long long time and today I am going to finally strike it out. I had a previous blog though, but due to some reasons I couldn’t keep up the great work there I guess. But I plan to do so now. The sole purpose of choosing to blog was venting. Sharing my deepest thoughts and experience with the people who won’t be judgemental about me, my writing,my world in general everything.  Today, in this oh! so busy world, people are less seen actually interacting with each other. Social media has taken over on our minds. So, why not use social media itself to interact.

This blog would not be about anything specific as such. Just as I travel and experience the different phases of life I would be sharing it all here with you all.  Just my folksy surmise about everything and anything.