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I miss ‘The Stage’

Is there anything that you miss? What have you being doing all your life and for some reason are not able to do it now? What do you want to do but due to your busy schedule or prior commitments you are not able to do?  Is there anything that you miss? Something you want the most?  Someone, something, some place, some moment, some memory that you miss the most?  I have one such thing that I miss the most.  One such thing that I have been doing all my life and have suddenly come to a halt!


It happened on this weekend, when I went to my guru’s dance concert. Being excited in the beginning,the feeling of guilt and sadness took over me when I left the concert hall. It was not because the concert was bad, it was excellent indeed. Something every Kathak dancer and a classical dancer should experience at least once in his/her lifetime.

Kathak is an Indian classical dance form originally from Uttar Pradesh(a state in northern India). I have been learning the same for the last 15 years of my life. It has become something that a single word cannot define. From being just a hobby in the beginning it became my passion. Dance was something I did whenever I felt happy, or sad. Wherever I felt I need to vent myself, I danced. I am learning  the Kathak dance from a renowned Kathak dancer herself and a choreographer in the movie industry as well. 

From being a hobby to passion. Now the journey led from once dancing all the time to not dancing anymore. A very sad journey on my part. For someone who has been dancing all her life, a year without dance is heart breaking and unimaginable. But it happened. I was busy in my academics, beginnings of shaping my career, confused about making the right choices. In the race of the life,all the serious things seemed to be winning and the happiness seemed to be loosing. 

At the end of the concert I had an urge to cry. I felt like I have lost a piece of my personality somewhere in the midst of everything and unable to find it. The medium of expression through dance was something I always mastered in. “Even if I made a mistake somewhere,it reflected on my face immediately “,says my dance teacher who has been training me for the last 10 years.

I went to greet my teacher and she immediately read my face. The tears in my eyes spoke before I could speak anything.

I not only miss the dancing. I miss presenting it on stage. The clothes, the make up,the lights, the smile and most importantly my ghungroos(small copper bells tied in a string). With every step attracting, everyone’s attention, was what I enjoyed the most and miss the most.

The concert was based on the idea “Sringar to Bhakti” meaning ” From Beauty to Devotion ”

It gave me a happy realization of the beauty that the Kathhak dance possess to the devotion you need to excel that dance form.

That devotion which was long lost somewhere, I found it again that day. I decided no matter what, as I am working hard to get an engineering degree, I would work harder to get a degree in dance as well.

I believe,

 Nothing should be left un-done in anyones life.

Everything you have been doing and will do in the future has a purpose. That purpose can be anything from money and success to passion and happiness.  It’s just important to carry on what you are doing and the purpose will be served.

I missed dancing badly.And today I make a promise to myself,whatever happens I won’t give up on dance.Never.

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Have you ever looked at the sea or the sky and thought about how to describe it?Whenever I look at the sky and the sea there’s only one word that comes to my mind. Immense. Immensity!

We all have so many illusions about the immensity of the sky. The elements of the sky that make it look so beautiful. The sun, the moon, the stars,the clouds. All so close yet so far.

Looking at that immense sky and talking about illusions is a perfect combination. When ever we are afraid,nervous,in some trouble, saved from some trouble, we look at the sky spontaneously. We say the gods reside there. The gods with incomparable strength. When we miss someone, we look at the sky and try to find peace by watching its immense serenity. We find the lost loved ones watching us from up above. The day starts with the sun rise in the sky and ends with the sunset.The dark sky which is at some times scary with no light just darkness as if angry on all of us.And sometimes adorned with the bright moon and the twinkling stars. Of course this all is a natural process but still,it is worth acknowledging and admiring. Every child’s dream when he/she first sees the sky is that he/she wants to fly up there.Someone wants to become an astronaut or a Pilot or an air hostesses.And some like me just want to travel in an Air plane.Experience the never ending sky in its glory.How the roads in the sky be?

Is there a heaven or a hell really up there?Do the fairies sleep on the clouds?The sky turns from blue to pink to orange to black and back from black to orange to pink to blue.How’s that?Endless questions!

Our life similarly,can be immense.If we want it to be.We live only for a definite period of time,I agree.And immensity is infinite.But why can’t we bring elements that are immense as it owns.Love,positivism,hope,strength,confidence,curiosity,joy,surprise,affection,enthusiasm,inspirational,humorous,eagerness,overjoyed,sensitive and all the adjectives you could think of. It’s okay to be immensely angry, unbelieving,anxious,distrustful of someone sometimes.But just sometimes. The point is to always be giving.It will come back to you in some or the other form.

I have often heard people say,

The sky is the limit

We all are capable of something,we just need to search for it within us. Because

You are the sky,

Everything else is just the weather.

I have an obsession with the sky I think. Wherever I go  I love to capture the sky in my phone.It’s so immense,what’s wrong to have some of it in my pocket.;)

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A letter to HIM!

My dearest,

You may find it strange to be reading this.You would want to think.”Why letter?When I can directly talk to you.”.Well,it has two reasons to it.Firstly,it could have been overwhelming for me to say all this to you in front of you.Reason being that I am immensely in love with you.Sometimes the love makes it difficult to speak.And secondly,it is a part of the #everydayinsipiration.(You know I cannot lie to you).

Anyways,I know,this is a tough time for you. Tough time for both of us. But it will be okay as far as we both are together.We’ll get through it.

Failures are a part of life. The first failure is the hardest blow.And it hurts the most.Believe me when I say I understand.I failed.And miserably. Failures in academics is the tiniest of the failure we would ever face.Life has many more intense failures and beautiful successes to offer.And trust me when I say beautiful.If I wouldn’t have failed I wouldn’t have met you. And because of you,life has been a beautiful journey since. Likewise,life would offer you something that you never thought of.Something you never imagined to be getting.Something best for your abilities.Who knows,what life has planned.

Mean time,it’s all about trusting yourself.Having the same confidence in you that you first had.Living the same life with same serenity and passion you had.Don’t let one failure change you as a person.Failures do not define your life.It helps you shape it. It’s okay to be sad.To be heart broken.To be shattered.It’s human tendency to be upset on a non-success.Important is to accept it.Accept it and walk ahead. The sooner you accept it the less it will hurt.

Accept and let go: Holding on,thinking on it would only depress you.And me for the matter of fact.

Mend it:It’s your mistake.Correct it.

People will talk:People will talk behind your back.But the ones who know you will talk with you.Share your problems,guide you to success and if not guidance they won’t let you go the wrong way.

Talk:Talk to the people you love and trust.Venting is the key to a calm mind.

Destiny and Hope:You know it well,how destiny and hope are my most trusted sentiments.  Whatever is destined to be yours,will be yours no matter what. And till the time you don’t get it,don’t loose hope.

Work hard smartly:There’s nothing you can get easily.You need to work hard for it.

Use the time:You have ample of time to use.Use it for your passion.Use the time to be productive.

Walk ahead:Don’t turn back.The past is gone,live the present and make your future.

These are not the perfect guidelines to be successful.This is what I did when I failed.It sometimes worked,sometimes didn’t.

You promised to be strong and work hard.You promised to be the same person you are and not change.To be the pure soul that you are.

Life will throw the dice.And you have to move the token strategically to reach the goal. 

I will always be there with you no matter what. You are never alone and you never will be.I will always try and be the person you were to me. I will be that support system. I agree I am a brat.I throw a hell lot of tantrums in front of you. I am stubborn,I don’t listen to you,I have attention problems,I am a pain in the neck sometimes. But I promise I won’t trouble you.(Until and unless it’s too necessary and you are not listening to me).

We may not meet very often,it’s okay we would always be together.We may not go on dates,it’s okay!I won’t huff,I promise. We may not be able to go on holidays together.That’s also okay.The memories we made on the last one will be enough and worth the wait.We may not be able to do a lot of things we did earlier,but we have a life to catch up on them.

You are a gem of a person and the closest to my heart.I will always be the hand you want to hold while your hands feel empty.

Lots of Love,



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Quoting it..!

A person must be enabled to understand himself and pursue his dreams.

Says Sita,in the book Sita-The warrior of Mithila y author Amish Tripathi

Today’s world is competitive.There is fierce competition everywhere.School,colleges,professional places,personal spaces everywhere. Today’s world is full of competition.Competition to be the best,to be the greatest,to be the wealthiest,luckiest,famous and every adjective you could use to define winning.Or rather defeating.

But in this competitive world,where everyone is so busy and determined to be successful that humans sometimes forget what they actually want. For instance people choose their professions to earn more.To be successful,famous,wealthy. And they choose career options that they are either not capable of or are not in live with. If you do not love what you are doing,how can you be successful at it? Does success only mean money?What about the satisfaction,the happiness that your work should provide?Why not do something that makes you happy?

A person should analyse himself and choose what he wants to do. Dream about what he loves and make a career out of it. If someone loves dancing and singing.If that’s what he loves then why should he opt for career choices like engineering or medical or any other profession completely different from what he loves.Why not choose dancing as a career option and be happy.

Understanding your inner self,your needs and wants,you dreams in important not only in choosing your career but in every stage of life. Do something that makes you happy. Full fills your dreams the right way.


You can

It’s not easy of course.But there’s nothing you cannot do.Once you understand yourself,what you want,set you goals and most importantly dream and have the strength to full fill your dreams it will be easy. Find yourself and you will find a way to live your dreams.

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Everyday Inspiration Day#3

A lot of times in our life there comes a time where we don’t know what to do.Where to go.What to expect and accept.We don’t know what life brings for us the next day or what life has planned for us for the current day. It’s all uncertain and sometimes scary

As a part the #everydayinsipiration I was supposed to write a blog on the image featured. I could just see a girl standing in the woods or about to enter the forest,but is scared.Or thoughtful.Or calculative.

Life is just like the woods.Productive but unpredictable.Beautiful but dangerous. Adventurous with lot of risks.Planned but never perfect. Dense but alone. We all have a life with positives and negatives in it. Each tree has hundreds of trees surrounding it. But it has to bear the fruit itself. It has to support the nest of the birds dwelling on it itself.It has to face the rains,the winds,and the sun.And still stand strong. So do we humans.

Walk around the woods fearless.Because for those who fear there are people to scare you.Once you overcome the fear,people overcome the urge to scare you.

Walk around the woods as the road is unending,the possibilities endless and keep the strength in us unnerving.


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I write because..

I believe,everyone has a reason to do everything. Everyone as a medium to vent their inner self. Some people dance their heart out. No matter how good or bad they are at dancing,at that time that gives them happiness. Some sing. They may relate to the lyrics of the song that they sing. Sometimes just the music appeals.Same with listening to the music. Some play a sport they like. Some travel to their favorite places. Some enjoy their favorite foods. Desserts are at the top of the list at the times you are stressed. Some just hang out with the people they are comfortable with. Many like me like to go on long drives or walks. Alone. To think, to find your lost self. Some choose crying or laughing as a medium of venting. Others,again like me WRITE. 

I write because I love sharing my thoughts. I write because there are some things that are not so important to me,not so important to the world.But still,they are worth telling. I sometimes write to vent my frustration. Sometimes to just keep a log of the things happening in my life. “Today,I fought with him.” “Today,I realized my mistake and I apologized.””Today,Mom made awesome food.Yesterday,was not so good.” “I had a bad day at college.” “Everything was blur around,when I met him after fifteen days.” “He had a new haircut,suits him more then the last one he had.” “He had eyes just for me.When there were many hot girls around.” “Dad looked tired today.I wonder whats the matter! ” “I hate it when my friends are fighting to each other.”And much more stuff like this. It may seem silly to some people,but,if I think what they think.Then what will they think?

I write because,I feel the effect of a PEN is greater than just WORDS.

Words when heard are easily forgotten.Ignored. Words when read have an impact on the minds.They stay somewhere in the subconscious and can be remembered later when there’s a need for it. The written words are taken more seriously,right?  Writing feels like a inner necessity to me. It’s a better experience for me.Translating what my mind speaks to what my fingers write. It’s my medium of expression. I can say I am someone who does not believe in hiding. Whatever I feel,good or bad,I say it.Or at times I write it.

I dance.It comes naturally to me.I hear some music,my feet starts moving,my head starts nodding,there’s a different sparkle in my eyes because I love dancing.I learn dancing. It’s the same with writing. If I observe something,some thought crosses my mind.I have the urge to expand it.To analyze it.To describe it.Writing comes emotionally to me.

My mom says,I am like my granny. She used to write a lot. She had smallest of the things written in her diary.Everything about her travels,her experiences,her teaching job at the school.Everything.

She had a great vocabulary.She was fond of writing.She raised me.I spent 19 of 21 years of my life with her. And one day she just had to leave all of us and go. I started writing more after she was gone.May be she passed on her love and passion of writing to me.May be she wanted me to carry on the “tradition” of writing everything. May be it was just a way of her telling me;’All my words are read by her.Even if she isn’t here.’

I do not want everyone to read what I write.I want them to feel,what they read. To relate,to think,to scratch their heads sometimes,to laugh realizing something similar happened with them too!I do not want to change the world with what I write. There’s nothing wrong in it of course. But I am not yet on that level to influence the world. But yes,I would someday write something to change the world.

As Michael Faudet says,

Write because you exist.

I write because I exist.

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Out of Focus

Heya people!

Today I want to start this blog by sharing a story. A short story about a city girl with big dreams.

It was the middle of the year 2k16 when it all began. New college, new people. New routines,new adjustments. Everything was new. Except for the city girl herself. She was the same. Lively,vibrant,a lot moody,all smiles,with less gravitational force, falling on the flat surfaces,slipping on the steps,having a different folksy take towards life. Until, finally she started ‘living’ her new routine.

It was a new atmosphere in the new college. New people came into her life and the old friends were left behind;the old ambience was left behind. She had left her nest, where she once slayed with her close friends. Now, it was the time to fly out of the roost and reach the perpetual nest of intrigue.(As I call it now)

She had a hard time making friends. Adjusting into the new life with a new group of “so called” mates at the time. Her acumen was different compared to the people around her. The wavelengths never matched. (Excuse me for the ‘wavelength’ #extcengineer) She started hating everything around her; Teachers,food,the travel time she had to spend,the curriculum she had to study. The oomph in her was gone. She missed her old friends and her old college. She was miserable and she did not talk about this to anyone. She realized she was making a mess out of her life.  Until one day she read some scribbled words on her old journal. It said ,“What has to be done,it has to be done. Then why not do it happily!” And that was a life saver. She did not have other option so she decided to focus on the positives and eliminate the negatives.

In many aspects of our life we do the opposite. We focus on what’s not in our favor and brag about it. But we forget that “the coin has two sides to it”.

As the Indian author Amish Tripathi say in his book ‘Scion of Ikshvaku’,

There is something positive hidden in every negative, and something negative hidden in every positive. Life is complicated and a balanced person can see both the sides.” 

So, its up to us whether we want to turn the negatives into our favor or just sulk with them. If you want to achieve your big dreams, don’t let the small negative things affect you. They won’t be considered or even remembered in the future. The positives will be, because they would be the reason behind your achievements.

Focusing on the negatives, does not take away the beauty of the positives. It takes away our ability to look at things with bitterness. 

The feature picture of this post helped me understand it. The actual flower is out of focus but still it has the same beauty to it as it would have if would have been clicked properly.

It’s all in the mind.

You could be the moon in the dark sky. Or choose to be the dark sky. Either way you will shine. Just the moon will shine brighter than the sky that shines because of the moon light. Make the right pick.

Don’t worry if you are not perfect. You will get to it.


P.s. The city girl in the story is ME. I still miss my old friends in my new college as I know nobody understands me better then they do. But, I am coping with it. Turning the odds into my favor, adjusting,giving people chance to connect with me and myself to connect with them. Who knows may be the wavelengths would match. That’s what called LIFE I guess.