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Have you ever looked at the sea or the sky and thought about how to describe it?Whenever I look at the sky and the sea there’s only one word that comes to my mind. Immense. Immensity!

We all have so many illusions about the immensity of the sky. The elements of the sky that make it look so beautiful. The sun, the moon, the stars,the clouds. All so close yet so far.

Looking at that immense sky and talking about illusions is a perfect combination. When ever we are afraid,nervous,in some trouble, saved from some trouble, we look at the sky spontaneously. We say the gods reside there. The gods with incomparable strength. When we miss someone, we look at the sky and try to find peace by watching its immense serenity. We find the lost loved ones watching us from up above. The day starts with the sun rise in the sky and ends with the sunset.The dark sky which is at some times scary with no light just darkness as if angry on all of us.And sometimes adorned with the bright moon and the twinkling stars. Of course this all is a natural process but still,it is worth acknowledging and admiring. Every child’s dream when he/she first sees the sky is that he/she wants to fly up there.Someone wants to become an astronaut or a Pilot or an air hostesses.And some like me just want to travel in an Air plane.Experience the never ending sky in its glory.How the roads in the sky be?

Is there a heaven or a hell really up there?Do the fairies sleep on the clouds?The sky turns from blue to pink to orange to black and back from black to orange to pink to blue.How’s that?Endless questions!

Our life similarly,can be immense.If we want it to be.We live only for a definite period of time,I agree.And immensity is infinite.But why can’t we bring elements that are immense as it owns.Love,positivism,hope,strength,confidence,curiosity,joy,surprise,affection,enthusiasm,inspirational,humorous,eagerness,overjoyed,sensitive and all the adjectives you could think of. It’s okay to be immensely angry, unbelieving,anxious,distrustful of someone sometimes.But just sometimes. The point is to always be giving.It will come back to you in some or the other form.

I have often heard people say,

The sky is the limit

We all are capable of something,we just need to search for it within us. Because

You are the sky,

Everything else is just the weather.

I have an obsession with the sky I think. Wherever I go  I love to capture the sky in my phone.It’s so immense,what’s wrong to have some of it in my pocket.;)

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