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A letter to HIM!

My dearest,

You may find it strange to be reading this.You would want to think.”Why letter?When I can directly talk to you.”.Well,it has two reasons to it.Firstly,it could have been overwhelming for me to say all this to you in front of you.Reason being that I am immensely in love with you.Sometimes the love makes it difficult to speak.And secondly,it is a part of the #everydayinsipiration.(You know I cannot lie to you).

Anyways,I know,this is a tough time for you. Tough time for both of us. But it will be okay as far as we both are together.We’ll get through it.

Failures are a part of life. The first failure is the hardest blow.And it hurts the most.Believe me when I say I understand.I failed.And miserably. Failures in academics is the tiniest of the failure we would ever face.Life has many more intense failures and beautiful successes to offer.And trust me when I say beautiful.If I wouldn’t have failed I wouldn’t have met you. And because of you,life has been a beautiful journey since. Likewise,life would offer you something that you never thought of.Something you never imagined to be getting.Something best for your abilities.Who knows,what life has planned.

Mean time,it’s all about trusting yourself.Having the same confidence in you that you first had.Living the same life with same serenity and passion you had.Don’t let one failure change you as a person.Failures do not define your life.It helps you shape it. It’s okay to be sad.To be heart broken.To be shattered.It’s human tendency to be upset on a non-success.Important is to accept it.Accept it and walk ahead. The sooner you accept it the less it will hurt.

Accept and let go: Holding on,thinking on it would only depress you.And me for the matter of fact.

Mend it:It’s your mistake.Correct it.

People will talk:People will talk behind your back.But the ones who know you will talk with you.Share your problems,guide you to success and if not guidance they won’t let you go the wrong way.

Talk:Talk to the people you love and trust.Venting is the key to a calm mind.

Destiny and Hope:You know it well,how destiny and hope are my most trusted sentiments.  Whatever is destined to be yours,will be yours no matter what. And till the time you don’t get it,don’t loose hope.

Work hard smartly:There’s nothing you can get easily.You need to work hard for it.

Use the time:You have ample of time to use.Use it for your passion.Use the time to be productive.

Walk ahead:Don’t turn back.The past is gone,live the present and make your future.

These are not the perfect guidelines to be successful.This is what I did when I failed.It sometimes worked,sometimes didn’t.

You promised to be strong and work hard.You promised to be the same person you are and not change.To be the pure soul that you are.

Life will throw the dice.And you have to move the token strategically to reach the goal. 

I will always be there with you no matter what. You are never alone and you never will be.I will always try and be the person you were to me. I will be that support system. I agree I am a brat.I throw a hell lot of tantrums in front of you. I am stubborn,I don’t listen to you,I have attention problems,I am a pain in the neck sometimes. But I promise I won’t trouble you.(Until and unless it’s too necessary and you are not listening to me).

We may not meet very often,it’s okay we would always be together.We may not go on dates,it’s okay!I won’t huff,I promise. We may not be able to go on holidays together.That’s also okay.The memories we made on the last one will be enough and worth the wait.We may not be able to do a lot of things we did earlier,but we have a life to catch up on them.

You are a gem of a person and the closest to my heart.I will always be the hand you want to hold while your hands feel empty.

Lots of Love,




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