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Quoting it..!

A person must be enabled to understand himself and pursue his dreams.

Says Sita,in the book Sita-The warrior of Mithila y author Amish Tripathi

Today’s world is competitive.There is fierce competition everywhere.School,colleges,professional places,personal spaces everywhere. Today’s world is full of competition.Competition to be the best,to be the greatest,to be the wealthiest,luckiest,famous and every adjective you could use to define winning.Or rather defeating.

But in this competitive world,where everyone is so busy and determined to be successful that humans sometimes forget what they actually want. For instance people choose their professions to earn more.To be successful,famous,wealthy. And they choose career options that they are either not capable of or are not in live with. If you do not love what you are doing,how can you be successful at it? Does success only mean money?What about the satisfaction,the happiness that your work should provide?Why not do something that makes you happy?

A person should analyse himself and choose what he wants to do. Dream about what he loves and make a career out of it. If someone loves dancing and singing.If that’s what he loves then why should he opt for career choices like engineering or medical or any other profession completely different from what he loves.Why not choose dancing as a career option and be happy.

Understanding your inner self,your needs and wants,you dreams in important not only in choosing your career but in every stage of life. Do something that makes you happy. Full fills your dreams the right way.


You can

It’s not easy of course.But there’s nothing you cannot do.Once you understand yourself,what you want,set you goals and most importantly dream and have the strength to full fill your dreams it will be easy. Find yourself and you will find a way to live your dreams.


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