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Everyday Inspiration Day#3

A lot of times in our life there comes a time where we don’t know what to do.Where to go.What to expect and accept.We don’t know what life brings for us the next day or what life has planned for us for the current day. It’s all uncertain and sometimes scary

As a part the #everydayinsipiration I was supposed to write a blog on the image featured. I could just see a girl standing in the woods or about to enter the forest,but is scared.Or thoughtful.Or calculative.

Life is just like the woods.Productive but unpredictable.Beautiful but dangerous. Adventurous with lot of risks.Planned but never perfect. Dense but alone. We all have a life with positives and negatives in it. Each tree has hundreds of trees surrounding it. But it has to bear the fruit itself. It has to support the nest of the birds dwelling on it itself.It has to face the rains,the winds,and the sun.And still stand strong. So do we humans.

Walk around the woods fearless.Because for those who fear there are people to scare you.Once you overcome the fear,people overcome the urge to scare you.

Walk around the woods as the road is unending,the possibilities endless and keep the strength in us unnerving.



3 thoughts on “Everyday Inspiration Day#3

  1. Entering this coming school year is chaotic it seems. I am a college student and I am entering my senior year and you don’t know whats to going to happen after you graduate. Its crazy: how in the world did that happen. Its that last year, but your college ends up becoming home it seems. That is what Gardner Webb feels like. It is home to me and it is crazy that next year is my last

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    1. I agree to what you say. The place where we spend most of our day’s time,make so many memories becomes our home. For me my diploma college was my second home and my friends my family. Life is predictably unpredictable.You have to keep moving.from one home (school)to the other. All the best for your last year!


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