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I write because..

I believe,everyone has a reason to do everything. Everyone as a medium to vent their inner self. Some people dance their heart out. No matter how good or bad they are at dancing,at that time that gives them happiness. Some sing. They may relate to the lyrics of the song that they sing. Sometimes just the music appeals.Same with listening to the music. Some play a sport they like. Some travel to their favorite places. Some enjoy their favorite foods. Desserts are at the top of the list at the times you are stressed. Some just hang out with the people they are comfortable with. Many like me like to go on long drives or walks. Alone. To think, to find your lost self. Some choose crying or laughing as a medium of venting. Others,again like me WRITE. 

I write because I love sharing my thoughts. I write because there are some things that are not so important to me,not so important to the world.But still,they are worth telling. I sometimes write to vent my frustration. Sometimes to just keep a log of the things happening in my life. “Today,I fought with him.” “Today,I realized my mistake and I apologized.””Today,Mom made awesome food.Yesterday,was not so good.” “I had a bad day at college.” “Everything was blur around,when I met him after fifteen days.” “He had a new haircut,suits him more then the last one he had.” “He had eyes just for me.When there were many hot girls around.” “Dad looked tired today.I wonder whats the matter! ” “I hate it when my friends are fighting to each other.”And much more stuff like this. It may seem silly to some people,but,if I think what they think.Then what will they think?

I write because,I feel the effect of a PEN is greater than just WORDS.

Words when heard are easily forgotten.Ignored. Words when read have an impact on the minds.They stay somewhere in the subconscious and can be remembered later when there’s a need for it. The written words are taken more seriously,right?  Writing feels like a inner necessity to me. It’s a better experience for me.Translating what my mind speaks to what my fingers write. It’s my medium of expression. I can say I am someone who does not believe in hiding. Whatever I feel,good or bad,I say it.Or at times I write it.

I dance.It comes naturally to me.I hear some music,my feet starts moving,my head starts nodding,there’s a different sparkle in my eyes because I love dancing.I learn dancing. It’s the same with writing. If I observe something,some thought crosses my mind.I have the urge to expand it.To analyze it.To describe it.Writing comes emotionally to me.

My mom says,I am like my granny. She used to write a lot. She had smallest of the things written in her diary.Everything about her travels,her experiences,her teaching job at the school.Everything.

She had a great vocabulary.She was fond of writing.She raised me.I spent 19 of 21 years of my life with her. And one day she just had to leave all of us and go. I started writing more after she was gone.May be she passed on her love and passion of writing to me.May be she wanted me to carry on the “tradition” of writing everything. May be it was just a way of her telling me;’All my words are read by her.Even if she isn’t here.’

I do not want everyone to read what I write.I want them to feel,what they read. To relate,to think,to scratch their heads sometimes,to laugh realizing something similar happened with them too!I do not want to change the world with what I write. There’s nothing wrong in it of course. But I am not yet on that level to influence the world. But yes,I would someday write something to change the world.

As Michael Faudet says,

Write because you exist.

I write because I exist.

4 thoughts on “I write because..

  1. It can be hard to think about why I write. I write because I am good at it and it is a wonderful way to express yourself. I write because sometimes you have to when you don’t want to: I have one more year of college, which means more papers. I write because I am a deep thinker

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