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The Train Escapades#2

Women on the train!

While traveling when you don’t have a book to read, low battery in your phone, no internet, no music and when you just sit and observe the people around you,it’s kind of amazing!Have you ever tried that?  Just observation. Observing different people around you while you are traveling can really be fun sometimes. And observation of women specifically is more fun. There are so many vivid personalities that you can come across.

Like today,  I was traveling back home after finishing my college. I was alone,was done with reading my current book and was bored to listen the same music over and over again on my phone. I saw, around me, every person was doing some or the other activity. A woman besides me was listening to some music so loud that I could hear the lyrics clearly.  “Zindagi ek safar hai suhana,yaha kal kya ho kisne jana” meaning “Life is a beautiful journey. You never know what awaits  for you in the future.” Two girls, must be around 17 or 18 years of age were chatting on their smart phones.  Talking to each other in between and sharing the happenings in their life.  Another lady was  with her small baby girl. Trying to adjust on a ‘fourth seat’. The baby girl was fast asleep in her mother’s arms. Another group of middle aged women and young girls played some group game on someone’s phone.  Ludo it seemed to me. It was fun to see how the women giggled and teased when they won the game, or sent someone else’s token back home. It felt like they were reliving their childhood days again.At that instant,their concentration was on only the dice and it’s numbers. My mother was one of the players playing the game. And I would give anything one asks for to watch her giggle like that.

Some others were just asleep.Tired from a hectic day at work and college. Necks back, mouths open, eyes closed.  The standard position for every human to sleep on board. Some were lost, deep in thoughts. Women thinking about what to cook for dinner most probably #Indianwomen, girls thinking about homework or boyfriend may be.  (Two totally different roads,  I know)  Still you never know what one thinks.

Penny for everyone’s thoughts.

There are thousands of different things you could possibly observe. And hundreds of personalities you may come across. For every working woman here in India,the train journey is the only time where she could relax. Get some time to talk, unclench, vent, think,observe,watch movies,listen to the music of her choice. Every possible thing she could do on board she will. It’s a two shift job for every girl, woman.One shift at the office, second shift at home.  There’s no end to her work.  Then why not enjoy the train journey. The only time she has to herself where she doesn’t have to work or study.Some even worked on their laptops. You could see those ladies are either workaholics or with tight dead lines.

Women selling vegetables and fish are all together a different observation. #haha You can never understand what they talk among st themselves. Some top secret code language it seems. One second they fight with each other and the other minute they are exchanging their trade experiences. Unbelievable!

Local trains in Mumbai are the heart of the city.  The Mumbai women the heartbeat.

P.s. Who’s going to argue to each other,fight over the seats if not women. Every Mumbaikar women’s day is incomplete, either without arguing or witnessing an argument.

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