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The many names

In the good old days,people got their clothes stitched from a person who was master in the art of sewing. Every piece of cloth was considered to be his handiwork. Full filling every wish, every demand of the person who will be sporting the fabric in his creation was important.And it took efforts,precision,dedication and most importantly the art of ‘creating a new creation out of every fabric.’ Tailor!That’s what he was known as.His name and his profession being the same. He customizes,he alters, he stitches, he hems, he embroiders, he knits. From stitching the school uniforms to hemming a duppatta. From sewing a salwar kameez to customizing a wedding lehenga. From altering an over sized dress to stitching a maxi dress. From embroidering to knitting. He does it all. He is the talent that is mostly neglected and instead screamed upon for various and sometimes silly reasons.

As we say time changes. And today,in this new,advanced and modernized world we like to address him as a  fashion designer, dress maker,garment-maker,couturier,clothier and many more.

Many names for a single professional. Tailor!

Surprising that never have anyone quoted the talent of a tailor.


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