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My bumbling Friends

It happened today in the college that the class witnessed its full strength for the first time since the college reopened.Everyone was happy to see each other and exchanged greetings and whereabouts. It was like forty bumble bees in a small room.

It got crazy when in a Business Communication lecture,where every student was asked to speak on a topic of their own choice for a minute. As it was on such a short notice everyone was baffled and a bit nervous. One by one as people started to come in front on the stage, it was quite a funny sight ,as they bumbled about their topics.Topics ranged from their current favorite T.V series, current read, most memorable or embarrassing situations,dreams and goals and much more. Even I did a little bumbling in front of the whole class. The bumble bee as I am! But it was a nice experience on public speaking. The main aim was to change the bumble to a humble but strong interaction with the audience.




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