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The train escapade #1

Rain in the Train!?

Well, it is the first week since my college has re-opened. And the first two days were as gloomy and boring as possible. Getting back to reality after a lazy holiday can be quite a job.  

Today,I set off in the morning with a dark sky and some drizzling rain. As soon as I reached the railway station it started pouring like crazy. I was glad I did not get wet in that pouring rain and most importantly I did not have to open my umbrella while reaching the station. Travelling with a wet umbrella, is a big NO NO for me.  I hate to travel with wet, damp things. Good for me that I reached before it started raining.

May be due to being the mid week,the train was considerably empty. Lot of seats vacant. It was raining less by the time I boarded the train. I sat on the third seat from the window.Of course the window was shut due to the rains. 

The first few minutes were okay and then we (me and the people around me)realized that,it was dripping from the roof. At first,  it was just a drop or two, later as the downpour of the rain started again,it started drizzling inside the train.Holy lord, unbelievable! We were actually getting wet due to the rain inside the train. Weren’t we supposed to be dry and comfortable instead of damp and drizzled over and saturated due to the rain? And above that, we all were actually enjoying it.  As bizarre as it may seem,but we actually were. The sleepy morning faces were now lit, laughing and giggling and enjoying that weird situation.  Of course after sometime the happy faces turned irritated, criticizing the Railway ministry and the maintenance departments; for the lack of maintenance and ignorance.  But by the time they got to that, it was time for me to get down. 

It was a pleasant experience though. Something that was totally unexpected and sort of fun. Adventures of travelling in the local trains I guess.

Expect the unexpected and accept the unexpected.


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