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DIY Desk Organizer

Heya people.

We all have a study table or a simple desk for keeping our college,school or work stuff. Or any random stuff for the matter of fact. So do I. And it’s always unorganized. I was searching for a simple DIY for a desk organizer, I searched online,watched videos about it and stuff. But whatever I saw was either to complex and difficult or required some material to be bought from the stores. Which I resisted, because I wanted a simple desk organizer. Nothing too fancy, that could just hold my books in place and make the table look organised. So here we go.

You just need :

  • A marker pen or a pencil.
  • Some scales
  • A paper cutter
  • Some clips.
  • Glue
  • Cello tape (Optional)


Step 01: Use any discarded cardboard box which has already served its purpose and is no longer useful.


Step 02: Cut the flaps on the upper side of the box if any.

Mark the shape of the desk organizer as per your choice with a pencil or a marker pen. And cut the box according to its outline. Here I have cut the box in shape of a step of a staircase. I though it looked cute and also would support the books properly. You should decide the dimensions according to the box size and your requirements.  

(I am making this to store my books, hence the shape for stability and support. You could use the shape as per your requirement.)

Step shape cut

Step 03: Cover the box with a pretty gift wrap paper or any other material according to your liking. I had gift wraps at home so I used those.




My desk’s never been cleaner and presentable as it is now.

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