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Out of Focus

Heya people!

Today I want to start this blog by sharing a story. A short story about a city girl with big dreams.

It was the middle of the year 2k16 when it all began. New college, new people. New routines,new adjustments. Everything was new. Except for the city girl herself. She was the same. Lively,vibrant,a lot moody,all smiles,with less gravitational force, falling on the flat surfaces,slipping on the steps,having a different folksy take towards life. Until, finally she started ‘living’ her new routine.

It was a new atmosphere in the new college. New people came into her life and the old friends were left behind;the old ambience was left behind. She had left her nest, where she once slayed with her close friends. Now, it was the time to fly out of the roost and reach the perpetual nest of intrigue.(As I call it now)

She had a hard time making friends. Adjusting into the new life with a new group of “so called” mates at the time. Her acumen was different compared to the people around her. The wavelengths never matched. (Excuse me for the ‘wavelength’ #extcengineer) She started hating everything around her; Teachers,food,the travel time she had to spend,the curriculum she had to study. The oomph in her was gone. She missed her old friends and her old college. She was miserable and she did not talk about this to anyone. She realized she was making a mess out of her life.  Until one day she read some scribbled words on her old journal. It said ,“What has to be done,it has to be done. Then why not do it happily!” And that was a life saver. She did not have other option so she decided to focus on the positives and eliminate the negatives.

In many aspects of our life we do the opposite. We focus on what’s not in our favor and brag about it. But we forget that “the coin has two sides to it”.

As the Indian author Amish Tripathi say in his book ‘Scion of Ikshvaku’,

There is something positive hidden in every negative, and something negative hidden in every positive. Life is complicated and a balanced person can see both the sides.” 

So, its up to us whether we want to turn the negatives into our favor or just sulk with them. If you want to achieve your big dreams, don’t let the small negative things affect you. They won’t be considered or even remembered in the future. The positives will be, because they would be the reason behind your achievements.

Focusing on the negatives, does not take away the beauty of the positives. It takes away our ability to look at things with bitterness. 

The feature picture of this post helped me understand it. The actual flower is out of focus but still it has the same beauty to it as it would have if would have been clicked properly.

It’s all in the mind.

You could be the moon in the dark sky. Or choose to be the dark sky. Either way you will shine. Just the moon will shine brighter than the sky that shines because of the moon light. Make the right pick.

Don’t worry if you are not perfect. You will get to it.


P.s. The city girl in the story is ME. I still miss my old friends in my new college as I know nobody understands me better then they do. But, I am coping with it. Turning the odds into my favor, adjusting,giving people chance to connect with me and myself to connect with them. Who knows may be the wavelengths would match. That’s what called LIFE I guess. 




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