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Holidays turn fictional

Heya people.

I am an engineering student and having a big nice holiday is a big deal for me. I am sure for every engineering student,it’s the same. Engineering is not an easy task and it needs a lot of time,effort,confidence and patience to achieve a determined goal. A six month semester is too hectic for every student and who wouldn’t want a nice holiday to laze around. And like others I wanted too and I got one. 

On the last day of our examinations, we were informed that our classes would commence alomst after a month. ALMOST A MONTH OF HOLDAY! I could not be anything but less then excited. I was all smiles that day and all enthusiastic as soon as I was out of the college. I made a mental list of all the possible things I could do this vacation and have fun and be productive as well. So many exciting thoughts dwelled my mind! First and foremost was to eat right, stay healthy and fit. Another was to spend the holiday travelling with my friends. Go on a road trip, catch up with old mates, visit my relatives, some DIY stuff, blogging was also on the list.(Which I can say is successfully done) and lots of other stuff. And I planned on starting at all of that the very next day.

But as the lazy bum I am, my next day started right after the noon. In the excitement of not getting up early altogether, I had slept half of the day and now planned to spend the rest as well.

DAY 1:Wasted! Or Rested?

The very next day was comparitively a prductive day as I met my friends and spent some time with them. It was fun to be around your allies after a long long time and sharing our experiences. In the coming week I found myself planning for a one day picnic near by, and be a part of the plans by my other friends as well.In every group there’s always a nay-sayer,either he is unavailable, doesn’t like the place decided, many reasons to say a no. Everyone throws tantrums once in a while and we wasted out time in handling each other’s tantrums.(I was one to throw the tantrums as well).And to everyone’s disappointment no plan came in action and all we did was to jibber-jabber about it on our phones.

Week 1:Wasted! Or overwasted?

Later, after 10 days or so of the holiday I found myself getting up late in the mornings and spending my afternoons in napping and my nights in watcing the missed episodes of Greys anatomy , Castle, Masterchef and stuff like that. Even the Saas Bahu non sense on Tv. Whatever happed to getting up early and exercising and staying fit?
The rest of the time in between the naps was spent in chatting on whtasapp and socialising. Wait! Socialising on social media. Whatever happened to the road trips and the picnics to be planned with the same  people on the other side of the chat window?

Week 2:Wasted!Or Waisted?

A lot of time was spent in actually planning the trips and no one turning up on the actual day. Duh,frustrating as hell! What do people even do sitting in the house for the whole day? Thinking of the answer as I am writing this post, And today is almost the twentiest day of my vacation. And I still havent started eating right, exercising, no road trips, not one of the DIY yet. Atleast the goal of starting a new blog is achieved. Tada! Well, wait I still have 10 more days to spend. I will get it all done.(haha) 

I read a lot of books though, cleaned my book shelf which once looked like a dumpster now reasonably looks better. Had my bike serviced, did all the chores that mother left on the sticky note on the fridge everyday while going to the office,watched episodes sarabhai vs sarabhi take 2,played some batminton with the society kids, am learing to drive a car, spending time with close friends. lazed around, slept a lot, ate a lot, cooked some, got back to dancing. Yeah, thats pretty much it. Whatever happened to being productive?

But well, As I said I still have 10 more days to spend. I hope I tick off some of the things that I had planned in the beginning. .Till now, watever I had planned is turning out to be fiction. 😀

I am sure some of you would have been on trips with friends in this vacation and some of you might have spent the holidays indoors just lazying around. Whatever it was I hope you enjoyed it, were refreshed and with a clear head space. As we have another six moths of being busy all the time coming up.

What would my next 10 days be like?

Wasted or unwasted? Oh!we’ll see.


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