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First blog post

Hello,my fellow travelers on a journey called LIFE.

This is my very first blog post on wordpress and I am nothing less then excited to be sharing my life with you all. Starting with the basics, I am 20 something ,engineering student and my name is Maithilly.  I am really fond of dancing, reading and ofcourse writing. Though I consider myself an immature writer.

The idea of blogging was on my bucket list for a long long time and today I am going to finally strike it out. I had a previous blog though, but due to some reasons I couldn’t keep up the great work there I guess. But I plan to do so now. The sole purpose of choosing to blog was venting. Sharing my deepest thoughts and experience with the people who won’t be judgemental about me, my writing,my world in general everything.  Today, in this oh! so busy world, people are less seen actually interacting with each other. Social media has taken over on our minds. So, why not use social media itself to interact.

This blog would not be about anything specific as such. Just as I travel and experience the different phases of life I would be sharing it all here with you all.  Just my folksy surmise about everything and anything.

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