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Heya, my fellow travellers in a journey called LIFE.

Woke up a bit early today and was sitting by the window, You could always find me near the window in my living room; my favourite spot to read. The weather was soothingly cool as it was raining. I was reading and something beautiful caught my eye in my window. The newly potted shoeflower plant. I realised that it was a little bit different than I had seen it a while ago. So i observed it for a bit and realise that it was budding. I had never seen a flower budding. I was awestruck by this beauty of nature. It was like magic happening in front of mu eyes. Petals unfolding themselves from each othes embrace. It was like they were smiling while the rain drops lightly showered on them.

Just a thought crossed my mind, Isn’t life also like a budding flower? It also has layers like a flower does. Each layer is unrolled at the time it is destined to. And we never know what it has in it for us. We could just assume.

 The spreading out of the  petals is  like life giving us different situations to face. Some  beautiful, a lot ugly.Some worth fighting for, some meant to let go. Some to bring out the best in us, while some to kill the worst in us. Every petal, Every layer has a purpose.And at times we fail to understand the beauty of it.We just come to conclusions so fast that we do . not give time for life to totally unravel its layers.We just give up,prick the flowers. And done. But at the end we have to understand, the flower is alwasy destined to look beautiful and so is the Life. We just need to be patient and positive.And remember

Life does not deliver us something that we cannot handle.

Here are some images I clicked of the flower budding,

First time i realised the petals were unfolding


The rain drops look so beautiful


almost done


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